Fresh and clean mobile UI for the bKash Agent App. Its extended functionality allows the agents to send money to the users account easily and checking the transactions without any hassle.


Here you can check the screens showing user journey. They feature all the flow of agent journey to sending money and checking transactions. I tried to make the user experience simple and focused to remove the friction.


Easy Login System

These are the login screens where an agent can give their mobile number and can enter their PIN to login. When an agent logs in from a single device, they don’t need to enter mobile number again for next login. They can easily just give the PIN to get access.


Home Screen

Tried to keep the home screen clean and focused. When an user sees this screen, the first 2 things they notice is Balance and Cash In. These two things are most usable functions as an bKash Agent. After that, I have kept the Recent Transactions which will be updated real-time. At the bottom, I have placed the other important functions like B2B Transfer, Statement etc.



An agent can check his statement with full details like Date, Time, Transaction ID, Commisions etc. Also, he can filter the statement with some default actions.


Cash In

After entering the mobile number, an agent will see the input option to write the amount. To make the process faster, there are sortcut to select pre-made amounts. After giving the amount successfully, the agent will be asked to enter the PIN.

After entering the details successfully, the Agent need to confirm the details and need to Tap and Hold the button to send the money. Hold is to prevent the mistaken touch or error like that. This reduces the chance of mistaken.

What's next?